Minneplakett - Knysna

Sun Valley Road
Knysna (Sør-Afrika)
Geografiske koordinater : -34.0383,23.064
Minneplakett (Lokal eller landsberømt person)

Circa 1888 Cuthbert’s Store This store was established on land owned by William Macintosh who came to Knysna in August 1849 from Kirkcaldy in Scotland. His daughter, Jessie Amelia, ran this shop after the death of her first husband Thomas Armstrong, a forester, in 1888. She married William Patrick Cuthbert, on 4 October 1892, who had come to the Knysna District in 1880, first settling at Kruis Valley. The shop become known as Cuthbert’s Store and was renowned for high quality drapery, groceries and hardware. William Cuthbert, who died in 1917, was a member of the Municipal Council. Jessie continued to run the store until 1922, after which it was run by John Terblanche for his own account.